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  Yoga & Beyond

1269 The Horsley Drive Wetherill Park, NSW
P: 9610 4566   Mob: 0425 266429
Not all yoga studios are the same.
We are a yoga and wellbeing SCHOOL. so we TEACH YOU
Yoga - Stretching - Core Strength - Meditation - Kids Yoga - Relaxation - Private Counselling - Nutrition

Yoga classes , meditation classes, stretching and Pilates for all levels .


Gain clarity and peace of mind by learning how to meditate.

Regular  meditation will assist you to :-

  • experience a deeper connection with self
  • reduce your stress levels
  • learn how to relax
  • improve your sleep
  • reduce pain
  • manage anxiety
  • reduce feelings of fear and  loneliness
  • reduce depressed feelings  and anger
  • improve self esteem
  • enhance self acceptance
  • provide a great appreciation for life

3 Week

Beginners   & Intermediate

Meditation Courses


Tuesday Nights

7:20- 8:30pm

Cost: $55 per 3 week course

Bookings Essential

( call 9610 4566 to book and

pay with credit card)

  Dates:  13th -27th   February (3 Tues nights)

  Dates:  6th - 20th    March     (3 Tues nights)

  Dates:  19th - 24th  April       (3 Tues nights)

  Dates:  1st  - 15th    May        (3 Tues nights)



These courses are suitable for absolute beginners

 and for those with a little experience in meditation.

Your will :-

- learn and practise a variety of styles

- experience the peaceful feelings that come when you know how to tame the mind

- have all your questions  about meditating answers.

- get a taste of what meditation can do for your mind

3 Week


 Meditation Courses

Cost: $55 per 3 week course

                         Bookings Essential

Courses will run  based on demand

so let us know if you are interested


These courses are suitable for people who have done a meditation course before  or have been regular Yoga students for a while.

For those who would like to learn MORE about how to use meditation for their own benefits or to improve  and deepen their meditation practice.

Irene will give you the tools to use meditation the way that will benefit YOU the most to suite your individual needs.