Yoga & Beyond

  Yoga & Beyond

1269 The Horsley Drive Wetherill Park, NSW
P: 9610 4566 
Not all yoga studios are the same.
Our classes focus on YOUR wellbeing
Yoga classes , meditation classes, stretching and Pilates for all levels .


Gigi's Kitchen Cooking Classes

Learn how to prepare nourishing , healing food quickly and easily.

It will be mostly fresh , plant based, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and very few grains with probiotic foods plus lots of yummy treats. 

Gigi  runs these cooking sessions in her home  at Bossley Park  so you can see how she plans ahead and stocks her fridge, freezer and pantry full of great food so there is always something to eat FAST.

Fun and Informative time for those who really want to start preparing  very healthy yummy  food.

In 2017 sessions we will also be discussing how to deal with food sensitivities , allergies and GUT issues by modifying your food choices.

Date:    Saturday 5th August
Time:   11:30- 4:00pm
Date:    Sunday  6th August
Time:   11:30-4:00pm

Cost :  $ 90   (includes recipes, lunch,  and tasting)

Enquires call Gigi      Mob: 0425 266429 

  •                     Studio    PH: 9610 4566      
  • email: [email protected]

  • Learn to Detox

    Gigi will teach you how to safely and naturally detox. No Gimmicks, nothing to buy.

    You will lose weight, get more energy and kick start your natural healthy lifestyle-free of food addictions and cravings.

    Begin to  Remove toxins from the body and reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and  stroke and autoimmune conditions like fibromyalgia.

    You will sleep better , feel more relaxed, skin conditions will improve, PMT, menopause, mood swings , gut isssues , IBS, headaches -all improve with detoxing.

    YOU WILL :-
    • Enjoy a yummy detoxifying lunch  and ask all your questions
    • Learn how to use food and juicing to clean out the toxins which cause muscle tightness, constipation, acidity, bloating, arthritic pain, tiredness, poor concentration, headaches, sleeplessness and more
    •  Learn  how to do intermittent  fasting
    No Powders or shakes to buy!!

    This is a SAFE & NATURAL detox

    Date:         Saturday ,September 9th 2017

    Time:         12:30 - 3: 30pm

    Cost:          $65 includes lunch + detox notes

    Book Here  or call

    Stress & Anxiety Management

    Learn & practice the practical tools which help to foster joy & calmness.
    Cope BETTER with the worries, stress and unhelpful habits.

    Thriving and flourishing CAN be achieved!!

    You CAN be calm , confident, a more content version of yourself again.
              You Will:

    • Practice relaxation and mindfulness
    • Learn how to develop optimism and hope
    • Discover how lifestyle affects feeling / moods
    • Learn to manage unwanted thoughts and habits

    Workshop is great for people who are restless or suffering: Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Depression, Sleeplessness, Anger & Impatience.

    Date:      SUNDAY 1st October 2017
    Time:         1:30 -4pm
    Cost:         $60  p.p.   ( Incl. notes +follow up)

         ($45 concession ; $90 couples)      
       Book Here

  • Cash , Eftpos payments and Bookings can be made at the studio
  • Gift Vouchers Available
  • Enquires call Gigi      Mob: 0425 266429 
  •                     Studio    PH: 9610 4566
  • email: [email protected]