Yoga & Beyond - a new world of wellbeing
I’m a 42 year old male and thought yoga was a bunch of positions that did nothing... I attended Gigi's classes out of compulsion and was very surprised. It is very hard work, I sweated I stretched and was sore everywhere. I felt calm and comfortable after the sessions and remember sleeping like a baby!!! I did come back for more. Highly recommend for any age. S.G.2011
Hi Gigi,
 I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the varied yoga classes this year. It's great to have 3 skilled teachers who all have a different approach. It keeps us all interested and challenges us to try new things. Judging by the numbers in the classes , others think the same way. We all leave feeling stronger and happier every time.
Keep up the great work!
 See you in 2 weeks.
Best wishes, Jo
Hi Gigi
What can I say…yesterday at 2.21am  I received your email and after that things haven’t been the same. I read your words ten thousands time and I' ve spent the last 23 hours just thinking of what you said, thinking about your previous experiences and how I can change my life once and for all.
Your email gave me the motivation I was loosing.
I can't thank you enough!  Claudia
My name is Kimberley  Pangilinan and I'm 26 years old. I have been attending Yoga, Workshops and have called on Gigi for personal support. I found out about Yoga & Beyond through my cousin, and in these last 6 months I've learned about myself not just physically but holistically. I am more aware of my limits and capabilities and am more willing to accept things as they arise.
Nov 2014

I am a 67 years young woman and have been attending yoga with Gigi for nearly 5 years.  I began classes in order to take care of myself after years of juggling work and caring for my parents before they passed on. I have chronic lower back pain due to bulging discs. I was heading for surgery. I credit Gigi for providing me with the tools to manage my condition through yoga and her expertise in this particular area. Emotionally, I was burnt out ! Gigi has a unique ability to give each student individual attention even in a class of 30. My depression lifted with Gigi's positive messages and genuine caring. This yoga studio is second to none and I have not undergone surgery. Thank you Gigi. Leonie

Hi Gigi
Daniel and I were talking about it on Saturday and we agree - we can see how passionate you are about not only yoga, but about everything you do in general. Not only do you teach yoga, but you teach people to communicate with their mind, body and soul as well as explaining the human body to everyone in layman's terms so that everyone can understand what you're talking about :)
I missed the yoga classes when I wasn't going, I can definately tell the difference in my mood, sleeping patterns and appetite since I've been back and all I can say is that I love it! I look forward to it every week and sometimes it's the one thing that keeps me sane, knowing that I'm going to go to yoga on Saturday morning! :)
I'm so glad I found this class, it's changed my life in more ways than you can imagine, both physically and mentally. In fact, I've attached a before and after shot after embarking on a weight loss journey around the beginning of last year, which was around the time I started yoga too. I definately attribute part of my weight loss to the fact that I did yoga once a week at least over that time :)Rosa :)
My name is Denise and I am 63 years young.  I have been attending your Friday yoga class at Cecil Hills Community Centre, since the beginning of the year.(2011)  ....I started to notice a difference in the way I was feeling mentally and in how my body was loosening -becoming more flexible. 
Although I only attend one class of yoga per week, I can truly say I have noticed a huge difference in the flexibility of my joints, especially in my legs.  My legs feel like the youngest part of me and I am so happy to be able to get down on the floor, sit comfortably and play with my grandchildren.  So now, getting to yoga on a Friday is a priority.


Please continue kids yoga after Xmas my girls are really loving it, they slept for 12 hrs last night would have been longer if I didn't have to wake them for school. They woke up so happy
Nov 2014

Hi Gigi,Just wanted to let u know I didnt put 2 and 2 together but the penny just dropped. Took kids to wetnwild dakota was also scared of the slides last night we couldn't get her off them today shes at denist last time we had to hold her down today she has been great no problems at all. I seriously beleive your yoga has today helped her anxiety. She even went first and normally wont. I am so grateful      
               My name is Mae Tan, 42 years “young” and am pleased to encourage anyone seeking health improvement to attend Yoga & Beyond . I have been participating in Yoga and Stretch classes with Gigi and Cris -my instructors / mentors for over two years @ 2011
 The classes are graced with other nice folks, now good friendships have been forged which helps to provide encouragement in reaching our goal of better fitness, flexibility and most important to me was my weight, which is now well under control.
 Yoga & Beyond is a friendly, clean and relaxed atmosphere which makes it a pleasure to attend and participate in the fun and educational fitness programs. 
 Gigi and Cris make time for each student to ensure correct posture and benefits are maximized
Hi It's Kathleen
I am sure that coming to yoga has helped me deal with these emotions in a much more positive way than I would have in the past. I feel much more in touch with my mind and my body so that when things are not on an even keel I can isolate the 'problem'. Thank you for helping me come to these realisations - you are a very positive person to know.
I hope to be back at yoga on Saturday and look forward to seeing everyone again.    Kathleen.
Good class last night, I must've used muscles in my middle back that I've never really used before because I can really feel them today! lol I'm really glad that I've finally started yoga again, I've always enjoyed physical sports but I find now that I'm getting older it's not so easy to bounce back from big games and injuries lol I miss the competitiveness but yoga can be challenging enough to keep me interested!
 Rebecca A. 5/11/12