Yoga & Beyond - a new world of wellbeing
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YA Logo - Level 1. Yoga & beyond is registered with  Yoga Australia. Yoga & beyond is in the Health & Happiness Centre at Wetherill Park. Yoga classes for beginners, pilates classes for beginners, meditation for beginners are all taught at Yoga & Beyond near Blacktown.
Yoga & Beyond is Registered by Yoga Australia therefore many healthfunds will pay rebates for passes.
Dalite sponsorship logo. Yoga & beyond supports the Dalite children in India. Donations for the poor children of  India helps them get an edication.
Dalit Education Centre Donations(Via Operation Mercy)
We believe that EDUCATION is a key factor in helping disadvantaged peoples achieve their right to freedom frompoverty and oppression.We encourage our students and visitors to make donationsto the Dalit Education Centres in India so the poorest of poormight one day have a voice and the basics rights we take forgranted.
Every $480 raised sends a child to school for one year with uniform , textbooks and lunch.
Please support us in this mission in 2011 changing lives andbringing freedom
MBM Logo. Gigi Neophytou attend Rooty Hill MBM ( Mulitcultural Bible Ministry) Church. Let her motivate you to grow your spiritual life . Gigi neophytou is a Christian Yoga teacher.
Our aim is to introduce people to Jesus in a way that is relevant to their age and stage of life and show the difference Jesus makes.